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Hamilton Eubanks

Hamilton Eubanks

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12/01/15 11:42 AM #1    

Owen Lyon

Ham was my college roomate for the first semester of our freshman year.  That's all I could take.  I thought he was going to get us killed!  Ham loved to prank everyone.  He leaned industrial trash cans half full of water against dorm doors which flooded the dorm rooms of many unsuspecting freshmen.


He visited for over an hour with the dean of student life's secretary until she had to excuse herself for a bathroom break.  That's how Ham stole the Dean's stationery.  Ham, composed menacing letters on the Dean's stationary, to students who were breaking college regulations.  I received one of those letters, and I sitll have it.  We can visit about the contents of that letter at our reunion.

RIP Ham!

12/02/15 07:28 AM #2    

John Carroll

Ok...Owen started it. Unfortunately for all of y'all, I could tell "Hamilton stories" forever. I had the pleasure of knowing Ham from 8th grade on and, as Owen aptly put it, never has there been a prankster like him. The little mischevious boy was constantly coming out in him.

Hopefully Travis reads this. Hamilton took a detention slip pad from Roy Davis one day in study hall. The very next week Travis had 8 hours of detention. He pleaded his case to Coach Davis, but Roy just shrugged his shoulders and said "I must have given it to you for SOMETHING!?!" So Travis spent 8 hours on two Saturdays at school working.

One day at lunch when we were freshmen Hamilton just up and decides he's going to throw his pickle all the way across the cafeteria. You can't be subtle doing that so Ham just stood and launched a significant pickle to the far wall. It took a nice bounce and landed square in Pat Hampel's soup! Pat was an upper classman so most of us were scared. Not Ham. Not much ever scared Ham.

Ham was also very generous and for a graduation present he gave me a Cross pen and pencil set with my initials on it. I still carry that pen every day in my business life. My son-in-law calls it "the signature John Carroll pen". I feel good carrying a piece of Ham with me daily.

He was a brother and a true friend...loving, caring, generous, crazy. We miss you, Ham!

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